Friday, January 21, 2011

Steampunkish Kim Kardashian diaries...

 So here I have made started to make here human-ish (minus the eyes), and put a bit of color on her face and then baked.

At this point (pic above)I have modeled the torso and worked on the head a bit and attached it to the body. The eyeballs are sitting by the post that have the 2 thighs on it and the skinnier ones are the calves.  Ready to bake!

The pic above is after inserting eyes and after doing a bit more face work.

Above, I have modeled baked and am attaching the arm, also put the right thigh and calf on one post, modeled that knee and am attaching the leg.  Will bake at this point... the torso and arm has been sanded and smoothed, so there will be minimal work between the arm and the body.  The shoulder area is pretty much accessible.  The other leg will be attached after getting the right leg smoothed out and looking good, and after making sure that at least the interior of the left leg is good and smooth.  Also I find that I can better judge the placement of the second as far and getting the length right when I do it after the first is attached.  So at this point I baked her.......Or as I like to say, I Baker Acted her!  lol   more later!

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