Thursday, February 24, 2011

Number 13, part 3

At this point I could see these eyes were not set at the correct plane, so I made another set over looks way better!

 to be cont'd....

Number 13, part 2

I started working around the be cont'd

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Starting number 13

I made the eyes and set them level into a small flatish chunk o' clay, baked the chunk and then added the lower forehead and nose bridge. I decided to bake again.....I have a hard time controlling any shape when there is so much smooshy raw clay. I just bought some living doll clay and I can tell it's not as soft as the mix I've been using, which is going to be great! This will be the first sculpture I try with Living Doll, so we'll see how it is without mixing it in with any other brand. Wish me luck!
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

12th cont'd 2

After this she got baker acted, or baked at 225 for 45 minutes and I'm done blogging here today!! 2bcontinued!

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12th doll continued

Oh what a beauty! She actually progressed farther than this, but my computer is just running so slowwwww, I can't get anything done, and I'm in the middle of a massive sinus attack!! I'll upload the rest of the photos, and I'll be done with blogging for today!
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My 12th doll is a 12th scale doll....

My 12th doll is a 12th scale doll .... I never put it to together until now, I just realized that this is number 12!!!

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Trying to salvage my 9th doll!

So this is #9 Art Deco Doll, which progress was better documented in my WordPress blog ......I have abandoned that blog bcause of user unfriendliness and I all but abandoned the doll....the mix of clay had too much transluescent and the skin just looked ugly and yelllowed and moonies (weird marks baked into the clay),  so I got her almost all the way to finish and thought I'd try to paint her.....she looked hoooorrrrible which was a heartbreak because she has probably the prettiest face I've made to date!  Anyways I recently got a pasta machine which means I can get thin and even sheets of clay ( in a better color mixure ) and start layering over har poor painted body and face.  She is still gonna be a challenge, and hopefully worth it!   In the last three pictures, she had been partially re-skinned!  I'm in the middle of my 12th doll which is a twelveth scale doll, quite small, so this art deco doll is gonna go slowly!

Doll Collector Magazine, Aqualina The Pin-up Mermaid 2010

I decided I had better order The Doll Collector Magazine....My second sculpture attempt was my first published doll, March 2011 issue of Doll Collector.  Aqualina The Pin-up Mermaid 2010, she is still available too!  From what I understand, they have another one of my dolls in the next issue too!

The funniest part of it is that my 90 year old Mom asked me if I had to pay to have her published (it's an article, not an ad), and then commented to my boyfriend that I will never get "that doll" sold......with all those other dolls in that magazine!  Thank God I can laugh about it....I thankfully have a bunch of people in my life that are very supportive !    

Friday, February 4, 2011

It's a dark day with a #11 scorched doll

Well, last night I found out that if the stovetop of the oven that you are using to bake your dolls is or has been on, your doll will most likely come out looking like burnt toast!  I whacked her on the countertop a few times before slamming her in the trash.  A heartbreaker!  Back to the drawing board.........and a fresh start!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Adding more to #11

Hello!  Here's the work that I managed to eeek out around doing nails and life in general on Tuesday and Wednesday.  By the way, my Aqualina doll made it into the March edition of Doll Collector magazine, Scott publications.!!  She was only my second doll I ever made!!!  I'm happy!
I'll summerize here and then add the pictures as I'm in a hurry to get ready and go to a homebound clients house for her nails.  I attached the baked loose fingers and baked the grouping of toes into raw clay lumps and modeled them into hands and feet.  I attached one hand into bent wire and fashioned her right arm which will be bent with the hand resting over the heart.  I adddd more clay to the upper and lower legs and added the knees.  So both legs are roughed out but no clay attaching it to the hip joint yet which means I still can be flexible on the final leg position.  I added a bit more clay to her front sides and back, and decided in her haed position so I attached the head to the shoulders by adding the neck.  Somewhere along the line I cut off her nose (to spite her  lol), because I think her nose was too low and I'm still gonna bring the top half of her face out a bit when I get the material for the eyes.  That is pretty much it!  More to follow, and I hope I'm helping others figure out nhow to build a nice polyclay figure! Here are a few key pics, and the link to all the pics taken from the start!