Friday, January 28, 2011

Started my next doll, #11, 2011

 If the face is sad enough, I think I'ds like to make a sad hearted jesterish clown doll.....not sure yet, but I'm taking a slew of pictures, here are a few, and will post a link to a full album when I'm finished with her.

So far here I have a tightly scrunched up piece of aluminum foil covered with floral tape, and attached a aluminum wire onto the head and fashioned an armature and wrapped that with the floral wire.

Here I've started the face and covered the non joint section of the arms and legs, bulked uoi the chest waist and buns with floral tape, and covered the chest buns and pelvic area, and baked.

Worked on the face after the first bake, and added more to the legs 

The underlayment of the arms got scorched pretty good, so I broke those off...I'll be more careful to cover the areas that I am not adding to on any particular baking.  They stay pretty much the same when you wrap wet paper toweling around the already baked parts.

This is before the bake, and below is after the bake....just worked on the face.  I will mostly work on the face until I like it.  Another thing is I will keep thinking about how I want to pose her.  By keeping the joints, and the waist open and without clay, it's possible to keep poising her until you find exactly what you want. 

Here she is after the bake.  I was looking for a prettier and sadder look, so I'll be working the face still.  I also can see that with my mix of clay I have lines of a brownish frost here and there, as if the clay wasn't mixed good enough, so I hope by mixing more I can get this mix to be even.  If not, well, I don't want to think about that!  lol   Have to take my Mom to the beauty shop!!  More later!

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