Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Number 19.....

So.....geez.....What is up with Blogger?  I am having a bunch of trouble posting and uploading pics, as you can see by the order of my pics of this number 19!  I'm about to start looking for another blog site, because this frustration is not worth it.  I'd welcome any recommendations....So I am not particularly happy with the head on this one, and I may just cut it off and replace it, poor thing!  lol   I've been having a hard time concentrating through these crazy bad sinus headaches, or migraines, or whatever they are.  Anyways, you can kinda get an idea of the beginning stages of this one..... I started with the body this time.  I will be sure to repost if I re-do the face!  Happy sculpting! 

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