Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trying to salvage my 9th doll!

So this is #9 Art Deco Doll, which progress was better documented in my WordPress blog ......I have abandoned that blog bcause of user unfriendliness and I all but abandoned the doll....the mix of clay had too much transluescent and the skin just looked ugly and yelllowed and moonies (weird marks baked into the clay),  so I got her almost all the way to finish and thought I'd try to paint her.....she looked hoooorrrrible which was a heartbreak because she has probably the prettiest face I've made to date!  Anyways I recently got a pasta machine which means I can get thin and even sheets of clay ( in a better color mixure ) and start layering over har poor painted body and face.  She is still gonna be a challenge, and hopefully worth it!   In the last three pictures, she had been partially re-skinned!  I'm in the middle of my 12th doll which is a twelveth scale doll, quite small, so this art deco doll is gonna go slowly!

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