Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hello to my fellow Doll-ers!

Just a quick hello to cyberspace.....I have gone Missing in Action for a long time and I felt a need to say why.  I have been having crippling sinus headaches that have been exerting so much pressure behind my front teeth, that I actually have thought about taking a hammer to my face....really..........yes, really, no joke.  Well it turns out that I have been living (actually more like dying) in a mold filled house.  Two rooms that have carpeting had been taking in small amounts of water over the last 3 years without us realizing it! We owe the discovery to the Debby storm coming thru and flooding those rooms and then some.   I hope to be back in better health when this all gets repaired, and hopefully back to sculpting!  Wish me and my nose luck!

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