Sunday, April 17, 2011

Making 15, an Art Nouveau Mermaid

By the way Number 14 went in the trash!  I keep having trouble with the clay having moonies or streaks, etc.  So this is kinda a funny one the way this went down! The more I worked on the face the less I was liking it, and I kept thinking about an uncompleted figure that I was still working on the body, but the face of it was done and I thought very pretty. So, yes, you guessed it! I lopped off the head on both the mermaid and the other sculpture that I had intended as an art deco piece and put it on the mermaid! So at this point I decided to change the headpiece to something more gill looking. Here is where you see the headpiece change. I little more decorated. All finished and I can't wait to start another!
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